RealDadStuff – A preview of what’s next

RealDadStuff is working diligently on building some important relationships that’ll allow me to brand this site and myself. Let’s preview what’s next.

Currently, I’m in contact with several “Made in the USA” companies hoping to work on some sponsored reviews. Now more than ever we need to reinvest and reinvigorate our economy. I’m trying to do my part by supporting these companies and if there are no sponsorships (high likely due to my traffic numbers) than I will have to figure out a way to purchase them myself because that’s the way it works! I hope to have some news by the end of next week regarding this site’s first “campaign”.

Connecting with people

Along those lines, I’m also looking at the big dogs to see how they do things. Sites like Life of Dad and The Made in America Movement have been key to finding who to follow and interact with. I’m also analyzing the structure of their content as well as social media presence to see what is working for them. I’m crafting some questionnaires and short interview pieces that I’ll be sending there way in hopes of a sliver of the action. I believe I have what it takes to stand side by side with these titans. Every particle of my being is being a Dad and American, so this would be a major break for me. Cross your toes.

Reviews important to families

Another passion of mine is reviewing gear, tools, gadgets and anything that’s worth using. The focus will be things that I use most as a dad, family man and home owner. If by some chance you’re reading this and would like to contact me, please do so! Like I said earlier, I’ve reached out to a bunch of companies in this space and I’m waiting to hear back.

If all else fails, I’m still a dad

I have plenty of ideas for posts, so even if my “big picture” plans don’t come to fruition, that’s realistically a minor set back. This blog is dedicated to the being a real dad. I have no shortage of content there and will continue to post ideas, lessons, thoughts and experiences that are important to me and hopefully you as well. Thanks for checking out RealDadStuff!

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