9/11 is a day of remembrance, fortitude and unity

9/11 is a day of remembrance, fortitude and unity. We must remember those we lost, move forward with fortitude and honor that unity we had so long ago. Let’s steer clear of politics and conspiracies and focus on the crux of the matter for just a moment.

I think we can universally agree that it was painful for anyone who lived in this country and damaging to anyone involved, whether by proximity or relation to those affected. There is also no denying it completely changed the trajectory of our country.

Remembrance, fortitude and unity

I was in my teens actually living near NYC at the time. Without going into my personal tale, I wanted to reflect on my own observations of that period in time.

All I can remember is how galvanized and united we were as a people, as a country. All of our petty, day to day upsets were violently wiped clean by this fear and uncertainty. It felt like…no matter what, we were there for each other. That was the light, the soft comfort that I feel when I think about that day.

I recall the horror and emotions of being a young kid not knowing what was next, but I also look back on how everyone, (neighbors, family, friends and strangers) came together and had each other’s back, united.

Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments and refrain from anything inflammatory. Was 9/11 – a day of remembrance, fortitude and unity for you? This is one of those rare times in our country’s history where almost everyone has a story to share.

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