This is what a Real Dad Blog looks like

what a Real Dad Blog looks like

Hello, this is what a Real Dad Blog looks like. Not only is that true, but it’s a solid dad joke.

Check out my About Me, but I’m just a regular dad with two kids and a wife. Real Dad Stuff is starting off as a pro-text Real Dad Blog, plain and simple. “Stuff” will be just that – everything and anything. I’ll be posting content important or inspirational to me. I’ll also be looking for sponsors, particularly from “Made in USA” companies because I find tremendous value and satisfaction in owning those products.

Why a Real Dad Blog

To the uninitiated, being a dad is unimaginably tough and incredibly rewarding. There is A LOT to unpack between those extremes. I believe in representing quality, character and integrity as a dad. The Banner of the site also includes the words, Strength, Compassion and Learning. These are constant struggles for me and I try my best to bring them into my life every day. I hope you can relate or appreciate that quest and keep coming back to see how I’m doing.

There will be categories for objective reviews, personal thoughts and important experiences. I hope you can appreciate what a real dad blog looks like. I personally feel there’s something special when words can stand on their own.

Thank you – please feel free to share and chat about your life as a dad.

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